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Joe Nava, Vice President of Sales & Business Development

Joe Nava is heavily involved with the leadership and development of our sales team and is a crucial contributor to the company’s marketing and research and development campaigns. In addition to sales and sales management, his expertise includes forecasting, account management, product development, supply chain, and inventory management.


Heath Shoup, Vice President of Sales and Product Management

Heath Shoup is our energetic and hands-on sales manager with 11 years of operations, sourcing, distributing, and selling experience in the produce industry. As a leader, he helps grow individuals with his knowledge, experience and works to develop a strong team atmosphere. Get in touch with Heath, below.


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 At West Pak, we offer value-add services such as bagging, conditioning, and delivery, and provide sales and marketing support through our Avo-Opportunities program. Our disciplined approach to delivering an exceptional product, along with our Avo Expert’s impressive customer service, has earned us a highly respected global reputation in the produce industry that’s always here for YOU!

Here is a birds eye view of the ways we ensure avocados are ethically and sustainably sourced and sold worldwide.

“We support responsible sourcing, sustainable agriculture, and a deeply rooted respect for people along the entire supply chain and beyond.” 

- Mario Pacheco, CEO at West Pak Avocado Inc.

George Henderson, Marketing Manager

George Henderson is an innovative and accomplished hands-on Creative Director with over a decade of print, web, multimedia, and corporate communications experience. Get in touch with George, below.


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Leslie Germain, Director of Sales


Kyle Griffith, Sales & Business Development


Based out of our Dallas, Texas office, Leslie is one of our newest member of our Sales and Business Development team. 

Jennifer Zendejas, Director of Sales and Business Development

Jennifer Zendejas brings over 15 years of industry experience to the company. Starting at the ground level with retailers, she worked her way up and into category management, and eventually sales and business development. Zendejas later took a position with a produce distributor and has been in sales and sales management on the broker side of the industry for the past eight years.


Jordan Fideler, Customer Service Representative


Based out of our Oxnard, California office, Kyle comes to West Pak with four years of produce industry experience. His responsibilities with Sales & Business Development entail developing relationships and partnerships with potential and existing customers.

Based out of our Oxnard, California office, Jordan is a hardworking & dedicated Customer Service Representative. She partners with the sales team to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations and build sustainable relationships of trust through open and interactive communication.